Yi Zheng Sheng 亦筝笙 by 风凝雪舞 Feng Ning Xue Wu (BE)


Who, in their youth, experienced a love so deep that it remains imprinted in their bones and emblazoned in their souls?

Who envies the beauty and the general, and their tale of happiness and sorrow, of separation and reunion? 

As the flames of war blaze in the North,

And the beacons of smoke billow amidst the chaos,

Who would be able to stay right next to each other, living to a ripe old age together?

And who would be able to grant each other an eternity together?

Yi Sheng: My father always said that girls who loved to smile would be blessed with good luck. What he said turned out to be entirely and utterly true.

Meeting you, was the best luck I could ever experience in these terrible times.

[Ebook][Radio drama to 1][Audiobook] [Diệc tranh sanh]


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  1. MBMB
    MBMB July 14, 2016 at 4:56 am |

    can someone give me a spoiler about this book(it will be great if the ending is in it too)
    For some reason i like to know about the whole entire story line for BE novels before i start reading it( maybe because i want to get ready brfore the heartache hits me). THANK YOU

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