North Sea Lover (Destiny of Love) 北海恋人 (亲爱的!好久不见) by 千寻千寻 Qian Xun Qian Xun


The most difficult thing to guess in this world is love and even thought that it doesn’t come. When you think that you’re in love, when in fact, love is very far away. When you think that love is very far to reach, in fact, it is right next to you. Constantly being together, constantly separations, even run into right person but at wrong time, no way to avoid it. However, if you don’t believe in love, even it is at the right time right person, you cannot be together.

What to do is to believe in love with courage and confidence.

Love’s proof between two people is always a big problem. Flowers, gifts, and tears are not enough to prove that love. We cannot prove our love. The only way is to prove your heart.

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