Half-Tried Little Deity 半劫小仙 by o滴神 O Di Shen (HE)


Pick up a free master,

Cultivate ultimate teachings,

Steal a fox to be your pet,

Seduce a demon to be your husband.

Traveling through time and space is not scary, the only thing to fear is a lack of culture.

They all say that the road of cultivation is long; the best road to walk is the road that is most suitable for yourself.

That’s just a lie!

We travelled through time and space, we will walk other people’s path so that they have no path to walk.

There’s nothing to worry about if you can’t get tried.

We can pass some else’s trial and become our own deity.

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  1. BreezeC
    BreezeC December 30, 2016 at 7:49 pm |

    I have just finished listening to this audiobook and I really enjoy it. The plot is not too intense and melodramatic but just right with some light-hearted humor and intriguing events. What I like the most about this story is the characters, especially the male and female characters. They are soooo selfish! lol If you pick up this book, don’t expect the main couple to care a thing about the universe, the common people or doing any good deeds, other then themselves, each other, and a handful of close friends, they are just soo wicked.

    This is another story that starts off with time traveling but there is actually a reason (you will learn later on) why she was travel through time. When she arrived, she was mistaken as a ghost in this mansion and she use that to her advantage to eat and sleep there until a soon-to-be deity discovered her and take her in as his discipline.

    After arriving at their sect, she causes many mischief and was a trouble maker but because of her seniority (she is the only discipline of her master and her master has a very high position in the sect) everyone needs to treat her with respects.

    Thus, this started her journey of accidentally learning some strange but pretty impressive abilities and skills as well as encountering a bunch of friends and foes from demons, animals, deities, and etc…

    I really like the fact that our female lead 齐欢 is so carefree/naughty/arrogant attitude, especially to people who she don’t care about. The way she deals with people can be a bit off putting but the thing is that half the time it is those people who try to take advantage of her or put down her and the other half…since she traveled to this place there seems to be a few people who help created her personality as she is today. (Hint: Her man) lol

    The male lead 墨夜 is my most favorite character. In almost every novel, the male lead have to do some crazy deed or sacrifice to win our female lead (and our hearts) and 墨夜 did it x130000. 墨夜 is a very powerful and highly skilled demon who does whatever he wants. He is very evil but appears to be beautifully harmless. At first he was intrigued by this woman who is very outspoken, love to eat meats, and afraid of heights. He is attracted to her but it wasn’t until she gave him smacked kiss as a pay back that he decided it is more than attraction…

    (Spoiler ahead)
    When he discovered that his father caused her death, he cried and tear his heart out (literally) and use all his power to save her. That was when I truly know that he really really love her at that point. Because of her, he sacrificed his life and power and became a ghost. And through agony, he managed to become the most power ghost/deity in the world. Yet, his existence was perceived as the destruction to the entire world and he was sorted of ‘killed’ again on their wedding night. If it wasn’t his father, who sacrificed himself to preserved his form and revived him again. Later, 齐欢 took revenge by destroying the entire world and sacrificing herself in the process (thinking 墨夜 died) and it took 墨夜 130000 years after many trial and hardship to revive her.

    Another thing that was very cute is their pets. The male lead’s snake and the female lead’s fox fell in love in the most adorable way. Btw, they are both male. lol

    Overall, very enjoyable story and very fun characters. The audiobook is very good too. Both voices make the story very alive and entertaining. Truly recommend listening to the audiobook and glad I picked it up after seeing it on this site!

  2. Grace
    Grace January 4, 2017 at 11:06 am |

    So they finally reunited again after 130000 later?How many epigloue r there ? And how many chapters?

  3. ChocolateCosmos
    ChocolateCosmos January 4, 2017 at 7:31 pm |

    260 chapters total and 3 epilogues (I think the epilogues depict the snake and the fox …)
    Haven’t read it (it’s so long for me and I prefer shorter stories) so I can’t say much besides that 😛

  4. BreezeC
    BreezeC January 5, 2017 at 12:46 am |

    @Grace – Yep, they reunited after that since the male lead successfully revived her. After that, they are pretty much together and face numerous new events/people. It was pretty cute afterward, the male lead become a bit of a “小男人” but only toward her. He is still pretty scary to others. lol. The story is pretty long because there are all the events and people the female lead encountered (It can be a bit draggy and the male lead didn’t appear too often). The audiobook has 170 chapters and they are around 13 to 20 mins each if I remember correctly but I enjoyed it a lot because the female lead voice is pretty humorous.

    The epilogues focuses mainly on the snake and fox, wrapping up their story and mentioned a bit of the main couple, a very adorable bit 🙂

    Right now I am reading the story of their son, 御佛 and he is as wicked as his father. Imagine a monk that is powerful and rebellious enough to keep his long hair, eat meat, drink wine and constantly pursuing a little flower demon. I am loving it so far!

  5. xnekox
    xnekox February 26, 2017 at 9:33 am |

    Just finished listening to the audio book and I totally enjoyed it! I think the audiobook was done really well. Though it did feel a bit draggy/long during some parts but it wasn’t angst-draggy so still enjoyable.

    Love the characters and the humor throughout the book. Had me laughing quite often especially at Qi Huan’s reactions and actions to the various situations thrown at her. The relationship between Qi Huan and Mo Ye(?) is also so good!

    @BreezeC – where are you reading the story of their son? Would love to read about him!

  6. lol
    lol January 7, 2018 at 4:18 am |

    can someon give me the link or the name of the son book?

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