The Proud Grooming of a Wife 吾家有妻骄养成 by 明月听风 Ming Yue Ting Feng (HE)


“My Mi Xi isn’t obedient.”


“It is not uncommon for her to give others a good beating.”


“She isn’t able to grasp the concept of money. As such, she has no qualms spending huge amounts of money.”


“She has a huge appetite as well.”


“She’s also pretty stubborn, and has a ton of ‘principles’ and ‘rules’ which she abides by.”


“As I can’t think of anyone who would be capable of taking good care of her except for me, I guess I have no choice but to rise to the occasion.”


“That’s settled then!”


(A youthful girl from the ancient times descended into the modern world, causing Uncle Chen Ying to morph into a worrywart. In order to find his young Mi Xi a perfect husband, and to fulfil his responsibilities as her guardian, he began to list out the numerous qualities her husband must possess – his height, his family background, his self-worth, his job, his character, his appearance… all these qualities cannot be compromised! However, no matter how hard he looked, every single male who interacted with Mi Xi seemed extremely flawed. Finally, Uncle Chen Ying discovered – The reason why nobody seemed to be qualified enough was because he had formed the intention of stealing what was entrusted to him!

Ah, but in reality, the saying “Those in the water pavillion would be the first to bathe in moonlight.” doesn’t always come true. As an elite member of society, Chen Ying lies as frequently as he eats and views his two faced nature as a precious ability. Conversely, Mi Xi has a head filled with thoughts and ideals of loyalty and righteousness. With such disparate world views, can the two of them succeed in developing a relationship?)

This novel is a casual account of the life and relationship entanglements of a youthful girl who time travelled from ancient times to the present; it could also be described as the lifestyle changes and relationship tribulations of a modern man who took it upon himself to care for a youthful girl who time travelled from ancient times.

[Ebook] [Trong nhà có kiều thê][Audiobook]


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    Has anyone read this? Is it worth it long term to read?

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