Emperor’s Conquest (The Rebel Princess / Monarch Industry) 帝王业 (上阳赋 ) by 寐语者 Mei Yu Zhe (OE)


 She was born of a rich and powerful family, a noblewoman whose abilities were no less than any man. He was of a humble background and rose up the ranks, the iron-willed man on the armored horse who was filled with great ambitions. A deal made for the sake of power and control severed the fated affinity with the one whom she had grown up with. An encounter that came later but it penned the beginning of a vow of life and death together, a vow on which they would stand, shoulder to shoulder, anywhere they were in the world.

Struggles for power. Rebellions of the palace. His horse would trample its way to the imperial palace to fulfill his ruling conquest to become emperor.

For old enmities that continued their entanglement, for the survival of her clan, she once again stepped into the palace walls, bringing about great change to the political situation of the realm. When they met once again, they were merely passersby in each other’s lives. The peach blossoms had all fallen, and though hands had been clasped in promise to go through life and death together, in the end, it turned out to be merely loneliness within that empire of magnificence.

The Shangyang Junzhu [noblewoman] 王儇 Wang Xuan, born of a distinguished family, with imperial blood running through her veins had once possessed the most coveted things of the world: beauty, honour, exceptional talent, and a man whom she loved and had grown up with. Yet, she was born into chaotic times, and fate she could not evade thrust her into the eye of the tempest waves.

萧綦 Xiao Qi, a man of humble beginnings, who, from when he had joined the army, had step by step risen up into a high position due to his military accomplishments until he had become the Yuzhang Prince [a bestowed title, not one inherited by blood] whose power could shake the world. His marriage to Wang Xuan had been merely a political transaction between two powerful parties, but unexpectedly, this later encounter changed the fate of these two people. From that moment onwards, Xiao Qi’s life now carried a promise between two people to be forever together, be it in life or death, and a resolve to walk side by side with her.

The dispute between imperial relatives not of the direct line and the imperial family lead to a mutiny. The imperial relatives of the southern lands gathered military forces in a rebellion. Wang Xuan, originally trapped in the city of Huizhou on her return journey to the imperial capital, captured the city into her control using her cleverness and hence took her first victory as she entered politics. From henceforth, she, shoulder to shoulder with Xiao Qi, stepped onto the journey towards an emperor’s ruling conquest, with their banner directed to the south and their horses trampling their way to the imperial palace. However, over and over again she was presented with choices – her husbands’ family or her own family, the man she loved or familial love, things of the past or those of the present – and time and again she had to make the brutal choice.


[Ebook][Eng Translation][Nghiệp Đế Vương][제왕업] [Audiobook] [Radiodrama][Drama]


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  1. Yellow
    Yellow November 20, 2015 at 12:25 am |

    thanks hoju for the lovely review!! this book seems very epic and a little sad..especially with the ending…

  2. hamster428
    hamster428 November 21, 2015 at 1:43 am |

    I finished Vol 1 some time ago and really liked it… but kept dragging my feet with starting Vol 2 because of the things I heard. It just seems to be a dark path I don’t want to explore -__-

  3. Mashie
    Mashie July 8, 2018 at 12:09 am |

    Can anyone spoil the ending? If you don’t wanna do it here, do it on novelupdates spoiler page for Emperor’s Conquest.

  4. Sahel
    Sahel December 18, 2022 at 4:38 am |

    I watched this series but I have heard that they change the end of this fiction. Is this right?

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