Deposed Empress General 废后将军 by 一度君华 Yi Du Jun Hua (BE)


You are the Emperor, and I am your subject: if you want loyalty, I will give you loyalty.

You are the Emperor, and I am your subject: if you want my sacrifice, I will sacrifice for you.

In this life, they can only be Emperor and official… she can never be the person to accompany him by his side for all eternity.

An Empress that has been deposed; an utter failure of a substitute.

In this world, everyone’s love is like a blank cheque. Before its expiration, it can be worth up to millions, but once expired, it was just a piece of waste paper, devoid of value.

Galloping into the battlegrounds, he was the Emperor, and she was his General. Within the swirling mists of their military tents, he was her husband, and she was his wife.

Yet everything was just an ill-fated meeting.

For the woman he loved most, he pushed her into hell, time and time again.

‘Ah Zuo, if I am Emperor the next life, you will be my Empress…’

(Credit: cathartic city)

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  1. Sunny
    Sunny December 29, 2017 at 9:29 am |

    Peanuts, can you recommend me a list of angsty/teary ancient Chinese romantic novels that already have an English translation please? After discovering your this blog and indulging in many sweet love novels, I have started to find all of em’ a bit cliché and boring, and so wanted a new genre that can make me cry my eyes out, lol. Thanks!!

  2. Yun
    Yun January 25, 2018 at 9:49 am |

    (TT) (TT) (TT)
    I really seem to have a love-hate relationship with this site. Don’t get me wrong, I really, really, really love you guys… but you offer so many tempting books to read when I should be studying…
    I come on for a quick minute to find an old book… and leave with a whole list of books to read (and crying my eyes out cause I couldn’t stand the temptation and already read one).
    But anyhow, thanks for the recommendations!! Really appreciate this site.

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