Love of Another Time Like Clear Water, Billowing Ripples 异时空情恋清水漪澜 by 苍痕鸢陌 Cang Hen Yuan Mo


 In an effort to forget the love that she lost, Yue Tian Ling, an outspoken and sensitive young girl, hid herself in a remote town by the sea in order to seek back her once happy self. An ancient artifact in the shape of a purple butterfly brings her into an alternate universe and another historical period, the ShengJing Dynasty. In this alternate space, Yue Tian Ling meets the handsome and extravagant Yu Yin Chen Xuan, the ethereal Jin Ping Pei Sheng, and the fiery Jing Ye Ming He. Three outstanding young men whom she meets in peculiar ways, they are like the wind that rushes past the heart while she is that clear pond, rippling and ebbing with the wind. Despite owning the duplicate identities of the proud nvxia Fei Xian Lian Xue and successful businesswoman Mu Yun Ling Shao, but what of love? Can things happen her way? Thus, you love and are hurt, you forsake and are enticed. When can she laugh and dissipate like clouds?



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  1. Peanuts
    Peanuts January 21, 2013 at 10:49 pm |

    Haha, no need to post link as we all know where to dig out the audiobook:P Wah, u r such an Abu’s fan, lol. Hey, this book got good ending or not? 3 guys, what if I ship the wrong one:(? Oh no, got 200 chapters:( I never tried this but I think Chancy did. If u recommend I’ll listen:) I plan to start 凡女仙葫 which is also very long:( Hey, I tut u r busy with college:P?

    Arrrgh, u stopped at around the same spot as me, chapter 96. Also, why u stole my Bai Feng Xi:P I stumbled upon the ending of Who Gets the World on Sun when I was reading awesome male leads in novels:( This makes me love Lan Xi & the book even more:)

    Btw atsu, give Wrong Sparkle a try if u need something light & modern, highly recommended although the audiobook is an edited & summarised version of the book which is such a pity:(

  2. xia0yuer
    xia0yuer January 22, 2013 at 9:05 pm |

    I just downloaded 50 chapters of this onto my phone. I’ll start listening tomorrow! Does anyone want to write a quick summary?

  3. Peanuts
    Peanuts January 22, 2013 at 11:44 pm |

    Since xiaoyuer has downloaded, I gonna start downloading & listening today:P Hey, I am also a passive fan:) Xiao Meng’s book are really long. I shouldn’t have looked at the pictures of the readers:( Xiao Meng looks really nice & kind but I kept on thinking she looks more like Abu’s elder sis or mum so have a hard time shipping them in an audiobook, lol. Btw, I read someone asking Abu who Tian Ling will end up with & he replied, she ends up with him, hahah…..Are u sure she gonna end up with the guy I ship? Don’t make me end up crying buckets:(

    I can’t resist & continue with Who Gets the World till chapter 99:( Arrrrgh, Hei Feng Xi had a confrontation with his dad in chapter 97 & 98. He is really not a nice guy like what Bai Feng Xi said:( But it is understandable why he turned out this way. Anyway, he is one smart guy, haha…Is it the King or Bai Li Queen who poisoned his mum? So sad that he doesn’t feel any hatred bcos he can’t feel:( Things are getting excited bcos he & Huang Chao are kings now. Let the battle begins……..

    Abu isn’t happy with the reading he did half a yr ago so he gonna redo all his parts so the book release will be delayed:( Oh, Abu is such a perfectionist & is really professional. I read spider apologised for the poor quality of the first 20 chapters of his newly released book which he’ll improve on in later chapters. I was thinking he should have re-record like Abu since he knows they are sub-std.

  4. Peanuts
    Peanuts January 23, 2013 at 3:00 am |

    Oh, thank u atsu very much for writing such a good summary:) It sounds really interesting that I can’t wait to start listening to it ASAP:P So happy I’ve something to look fwd to while waiting desperately for my World to end, heehee.. Btw, Ge Jin Tao Hua is really bad at the beginning till I gave up but bcos of xiaoyuer’s summary, I continued. I am sure this audiobook is better with Abu’s voice, haha…

    I think & I think u think I’ll ship YYCX, right:P? Is she gonna end up with YYCX? I think she’ll go back to modern times in the last few chapters. Oh, I like this kind of book where the lead will time travel back to modern time to give the book closure. Do u know who is 神仙哥哥 in the book as most ppl including xiao meng are shipping him? I know for sure she is not gonna end up with Jin Ping Pei Sheng. Hey, why the guys have such long names as I am poor with names:(? Yin Ying Fan? Initially I tut I saw Luo Yin Fan, lol. Does Abu sound diff with diff guys?

    Mian mian, the reader of Who Gets the World is really hard working as her sound effects, music & songs are very good, seldom or never recycle? Even her openings are diff for every 5 chapters. She also got so many readers to cameo for her. Cgege appears in chapter 99 so I gonna relisten again later, heehee…I wanna request her to sing a duet with Abu in the ending chapter:P

    Hey, why u even think of shipping Huang Chao but not keen on the 2 foxes ending up together? I can understand why u ship YWY but HC is so not swoony even if he is Abu:P Later, u’ll think HFX is better than HC for BFX after u heard what he did for her:P

  5. xia0yuer
    xia0yuer January 23, 2013 at 6:39 pm |

    Thanks for the summary atsu-chan! I’m on chapter 6, but have not been terribly drawn into the story. During the whole YYCX seeing YTL bathing episode, I kept thinking how much funnier the scene would seem if A’Shou or SLMY read it. This female reader does have a voice that makes me want to yawn… And omg, the screams are horrible. So annoying.

    I will continue to listen because I already have 1-50 downloaded. Hopefully the story picks up!

  6. Peanuts
    Peanuts January 23, 2013 at 11:08 pm |

    Arrrrgh (not Xiao Meng’s scary scream:P) xiaoyuer, I am also at chapter 6 & are not drawn into the book yet:( In fact I fell asleep a few times, heehee….I though I am the only one who’ve yet to feel any chemistry b/w Abu & XM. Probably it is their 1st collaboration or I am bias or technical or plot problems or whatever, I just feel their recordings are detached, don’t sync & lack chemistry. Sorry lah but XM is not one of my fav reader. I only like Mian Mian, A’Shou & XLMY.

    So far, I’ve only heard YYCX so no comments on the other guys till I encounter them. Oh, 200 chapters, I am feeling fatigue already when I am only at epi 6:( But I want Who Gets the World to have 200 chapters but it’ll definitely end by at most 150:( Huh, I m not sure the book will have the 2 foxes marriage. Actually come to think of it, the story isn’t that great. Many parts are too descriptive for my liking. What elevate this book is the effort put into the recording.

    Oh Atsu, you should offer your service to be the music director or during school holi, u can audition to be a reader just for fun:P It’ll be great if u can read a book with Abu, haha…As YYCX, I feel Abu doesn’t really sound like how I imagine him to sound, not playful & devilish enough:( In fact, I feel like he sounds more like LYF, putting me to sleep, haha…Maybe I’ve been spoiled by multi-persons broadcasting. I feel Cgege will be able to make YYCX more lively.

    Btw, your Tiny Times will be filmed into a drama with Peter Ho etc. Why is Peter Ho in nearly every drama? He gonna be in FWSC’s adaptation with Janine Chang, to be flimed after CNY. I read that the author of Tiny Times is not pleased with the drama bcos too many changes are made. Why HXY is like that now Tiny Times? Stop adapting novels, if those scripwriters’ ego are too big not to make subtantial changes to the novels !

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