Between Twilight and Dawn 薄暮晨光 by 晴空蓝兮 Qing Kong Lan Xi (HE)


A young and pretty reporter, Fang Chen, got to know a traid boss called Han Rui by chance. After several encounters, Fang Chen suspects that Han Rui might be related to the accidental death of her sister and schemed to get closer to Han Rui in hope that she can uncover the truth behind her sister’s death.

However, after going through a few near-death experiences together, she gradually realised that she is falling in love with this inscrutable man who hardly smiles. At this crucial moment, she is then told that Han Rui is the real murderer. In order to pursue the truth further, she fell into the trap of Han Rui’s enemy and Han Rui was bombed in a yacht as a result. His life was in a precarious situation and when he woke up, he lost his memory. It was when she got kidnapped that the truth was unveiled.

[Ebook] [Ánh hoàng hôn mỏng manh]


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  1. Cath
    Cath November 22, 2017 at 7:55 pm |

    Hi, there, @cloudandsea, I’m new in C-novel land and SSB, I’ve been wanting to comment but I read the rules so I had to oblige but your spoiler made me ROFL so I just..I…it was just so funny.

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