0852 / Star-Crossed Lovers: The Ex-Convict and the White Rabbit by 蟹总 Xie Zong (HE)

When they first met at Yue Ya River, he was a convict who was willingly incarcerated for a crime which he did not commit; his actions were frivolous, and his gaze offensive. It was apparent to all that he wasn’t a good person – not in any sense of the word.

They belonged to two entirely different worlds – one filled with light, and the other, darkness. They were destined to walk on divergent, opposite paths.

When they met for the second time, it was a cloudy, rainy day. Amidst the drizzle and the fog, at the traffic junction, right outside the cloudy and blurred car window,

She appeared – a perfect, tragic vision in white.

From that very moment, he finally realised the unnamed, undiscovered desire in his heart – that he had been waiting, for this uncertain reunion for a long, long time.

Afterwards, he calmly and carefully made his move – and barged into her life with the roughest, overpowering, domineering and direct manner possible.

As she gradually grew closer too him, she also gradually grew ever closer to the truth.

He said, “If you ever discover the crime which I’ve committed, given me a chance – don’t leave me.”

He said, “If you managed to survive, I’d worship the Buddha, pay my offerings, adopt a vegetarian diet, recite the Buddhist scriptures and even kowtow in front of the Buddha to express my gratitude. And if you died, I’ll join you in the Underworld – I won’t live out the rest of my days without you.”

His embrace was like a warm and secure city, capable of sheltering her from the wind and the rain, and free her from the cold and helplessness.

Wasn’t this the true epitome of what it meant, to love and cherish somebody?

— Whenever you feel cold, I’ll be there to offer you warmth.

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