Untypical Divorce 非典型离婚 by 季可蔷 Li Keqiang (HE)

He Mu Yu has never thought of himself as a Mr Nice Guy. He takes pride in being cold- blooded, favors high-risk activities and loves nothing more than a good challenge.  He is supposedly happily married but in truth, his is a contractual marriage forged out of necessity. Speaking of the contract, it is due to expire soon. Now that he has gotten what he needed, he can be gracious to his ‘loving wife’ and end the marriage amicably.

Jian Yi An has never hated a person as much as her husband. Had she not needed a large sum of money to cover her father’s embezzlement, she would never have sacrifice her own marriage to Mu Yu. For the last 2 years, she has kept her end of the bargain as a dutiful, loving, obedient wife but if dear hubby thinks that he can shake her off now that he has gotten what he wanted, he can think again. Amicable divorce? Dream on!


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  1. thar003charged
    thar003charged July 26, 2018 at 2:47 pm |

    Thanks for the recommendation!! This was a breezy read, although I was worried that the male lead would be cruel towards our female lead at the beginning. My fears were unfounded. Liked this short story! Wished that it could be longer and their relationship more fleshed out. Maybe a longer road to understanding each other? Although I guess they didn’t have to – they were afterall married for 2 years.

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