As Long As You Love Me (Switch of Love) 爱情的开关 by Fei Wo Si Cun (BE)

To the eyes of general public, Zhou Xiao Meng is the doting younger step sister of mafia leader, Zhou Yan Zhao. But never will they be aware of their secret and sexual relationship behind the walls of their mansion. Zhou Xiao Meng’s mother tried to kill Zhou Yan Zhao’s father a few years back, her mother is dead while her step father became paralyzed. Zhou Yan Zhao is filled with vengeance and can only vent his anger on Zhou Xiao Meng, the beautiful younger step sister whom he grew up with. The love he once showered her with was now replaced with his frustration. Will they ever let go of the past and start their life all over again?

‘What I actually want to do is to install a switch in my heart, able to turn on or off at any time. This way, I will love you if I want to, when I don’t love you, I will really no longer love.’


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  1. Peanuts
    Peanuts January 1, 2016 at 9:31 am |

    I skimmed thru this novel but don’t like it at all. For fans of Sealed With a Kiss, this is your cup of tea. Wallace must be out of his mind to accept this role. I hope the drama will turn out better than the novel. I know WC will act well in this role but this kind of role is best left for Hawick since you don’t need much acting skill. WC is such a softy, after some persistent begging, he accepted in the end 🙁

  2. darcy
    darcy January 1, 2016 at 10:10 am |

    Oh my god why. Why why why why why. I already can’t look at the face of one Wallace without wanting to punch it after watching HQG, and very soon I’m not going be able to stand the face of the other.

    Someone please tell me that the story isn’t as bad as it sounds…

  3. hungryhippo
    hungryhippo January 1, 2016 at 12:21 pm |

    Well at least we can be certain the kisses will be good – I can wholeheartedly say he was exceptional in “It’s too late to say I love”

    Whilst we’re on the topic – one of the many reasons SWAK was (in my opinion) so entertaining is because Hawick was first and foremost a handsome villain and most importantly he was a good kisser. Still is. Perhaps I’m in the minority, not that I mind, but I enjoyed SWAK for purely superficial reasons – Hawick was simply drool-worthy. (Sigh) Although, I can’t say that with his recent drama. They’ve been tortuously boring and not to mention way too long, unnecessarily so.

    Hmm…I’ll think I’ll give this a go as I do like the two Wallaces (Huo and Chung). They’re so different but talented in their own unique way and I really their individual style.

    Btw: I actually love HQG. Not trying to be contentious. I sincerely love that drama and Bai Zi Hua is one of my favourite (at least top 10) male heroes of all time. Not everyone’s cup of tea but then that’s probably why I like him so much (hehehe)

  4. Thiri
    Thiri January 1, 2016 at 2:15 pm |

    Is that HE?

  5. darcy
    darcy January 1, 2016 at 4:17 pm |

    Hmm, I guess that while I can compartmentalise, I can only do it until I think that a certain line has been crossed. I can overlook the hegemonic masculinity that’s present in most books/dramas, but when it crosses over to ongoing abuse (like on SWAK and Le Jun Kai level etc.) I’m just no.

    That being said, I haven’t read this book so I’m judging by the summary. I’ll probably end up giving this drama a go anyway, because I like Wallace Chung.

    I’m not gonna lie– I thought the HQG drama completely misinterpreted BZH. I much preferred the book version of him. When he started sabotaging HQG’s tests into Chang Liu, I was just like WTF. But, my desire to punch Wallace Huo is mostly me being overdramatic; one of my fave dramas ever, Battle of Changsha, is a Wallace Huo one 😛

  6. silhoutte
    silhoutte January 2, 2016 at 5:06 am |


    Our tastes run similar I like SWAK a lot, just wish that the female lead character is more feisty and that they should have a happy ending like in the novel. The drama miniseries is a joke! They shouldnt even film it in the beginning.

    I like the bathtub scene with the banned lip biting…..:) Since this drama, I concur with you the rest is a drag, with Tang Yan in Lady Bandit, Cage of God etc….

    I like the two Wallace (WH in Love Me if You Dare) and cant wait for WChung to star in this drama, time he plays the villain as I would like to see him in the baddie role!

    Gonna read this book and anticipate the drama!

  7. wisteria9bloom2
    wisteria9bloom2 January 2, 2016 at 11:19 am |

    I drop the book half way and doesn’t like the male lead despite sad ending. Wallace doesn’t appear to suit this role, think he’s best to portray詹一杨 if they ever decide to film LBS 客官不可以.

  8. hungryhippo
    hungryhippo January 2, 2016 at 12:32 pm |

    @darcy. Oh I’m curious what you mean by misinterpretation? Do you mean he was misrepresented or even further misunderstood in the drama? He is such a complex character and quite difficult to understand, especially in the novel as it was predominantly written from HQG’s perspective. You know us women we find it hard as it is to understand ourselves let alone someone like BZH.

    Further, BZH was particularly easy to misunderstand as he wasn’t one to explain himself beside not saying much too begin with. He didn’t like to waste his time and effort on the more baser emotions which he also had very little regard for it. Despite that I loved his character. I firmly believe that if BZH was simply a cold fish he wouldn’t be so fascinating, however he chooses to hold all is emotion in check, and you can tell that he feels deeply if not profoundly about things, however he’s not one to express it like most people. Then there’s something about all that control you feel compelled to ruffle his feathers. Above all, it was simply lovely to see his love develop for HQG. It wasn’t overt and very subtle. I know many didn’t like Wallace’s portrayal as he was too human and somehow lost his aloofness and suaveness, thus rendering him too weak of a character but I don’t quite agree with that view. I won’t elaborate as this isn’t quite the forum to discuss BZH’s virtue or lack of.

    Yes, I agree your take on SWAK. He was undoubtedly a misogynist and I would never condone such behaviour and even someone like him in real life. However, I find revenge plot interesting perhaps because it’s so contrary to my own values and belief (i.e I truly believe it is important to forgive and learning to letting go of things). Nevertheless the psychology behind it and what motivates people to put their dastardly deeds into action does fascinate me. The concept of good and evil is often a fine line, ultimately we are multi-layered and complex creatures so I do like three-dimensional characters especially when they are tortured as Hawick (and hot too!!)

    @silhoutte – high five for liking SWAK. It’s always lovely to meet other people with similar taste 🙂

    I’m going to be very honest – I watched SWAK for the kiss scenes (hehehe). I thought they were executed very well, especially with Hawick who I’ve noted above is a pretty darn good kisser. It was very entertaining and even more so as the Chinese are still quite conservative about things like that (especially the bathtub scene). I do watch dramas for purely aesthetic reasons especially when they have a hot male lead who can kiss 🙂

    Btw: I am watching “Love me if you dare”. The production is very good and Wallace doesn’t disappoint. Sandra is very pretty although she does need improvement but overall I liked it. Waiting for the last episode. I’ve made a promise never to compare drama to the novel. I find that I’m frequently disappointed and in my experience it dims my enjoyment of the drama somewhat because I’m constantly comparing the two.

  9. Jay
    Jay January 2, 2016 at 3:40 pm |

    I actually finished reading this novel as I wanted to know why would it be picked up and adapted into a drama. And I was also interested in the next script Wallace Chung had picked to work on (liked his role in My Sunshine). So out of curiosity I finished the whole darn story (forgive my choice of words) and I can only say, I wish I’ve never laid my eyes on this story. I understand the author’s desire to unleash her creativity and work on something new and unconventional (she even admitted herself that this is a ‘perverted’ story), but this story is really NOT the kind of run of the mill romance that most are used to. I thought I was pretty used to some dark humor and stories with forbidden love as the central theme but this story just seemed to me like a poorly constructed one written purely to satisfy the author’s imagination, with no purpose at all. Usually even for stories with a bad ending, I still feel for the characters as I understand the dilemma they might be in due to their circumstances etc. but for this particular stry, the feelings of despair and sorrow the characters supposedly feel couldn’t reach me at all. Rather than empathize with the main characters, I kept thinking WTF to myself throughout the entire process of reading. Many things didn’t make sense to me and I just couldn’t bring myself to like the story. Sorry for the long rant, but I agree with Peanuts that WC must have been out of his mind to accept this role. But then again, perhaps he wants to challenge himself and do something utterly different from his latest ‘good guy’ role.

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