Beautiful Time With You 时光与你都很甜 by 木童心 Mu Tong Xin

17 year old Lu Yi Bai, who was a straight A student that was extremely thorough and never made any mistakes, was tablemates with the newly transferred adorkable Lin Xing Chen.

Logically speaking, the gifted Lu Yi Bai should keep a distance from the unlucky, ordinary Lin Xing Chen, to keep his aloof personality consistent.

However, when he heard Lin Xing Chen introducing herself, his cold and calm composure collapsed.

It turned out that his younger sister had donated her cornea to a little girl whom she was fortunate enough to meet a few times just before she died, and that little girl is Lin Xing Chen!

From then on, the indifferent Lu Yi Bai could not help but pay attention to the useless Lin Xing Chen and offer her help, causing Lin Xing Chen to receive his numerous dissatisfactions when unable to meet his high expectations.

Because the foolish Lin Xing Chen and the unsociable Lu Yi Bai were forced into the world of the bottom tier students with Chen Yi Mu and Luo Qin Ge, one wrong move and it will result in a life of regrets, turning them into strangers.

(Credit: Soya Milk & Beancurd Pudding)

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