Being a Substitute for President’s Bride / The Substitute Bride / The CEO’s Replacement Bride / Zong Cai De Ti Jia Xin Niang 总裁的替嫁新娘 / 冒牌花嫁 by 特工狂飞 Te Gong Kuang Fei (HE)

She was forced to replace her elder sister to marry a man.

She once hoped she could spend all her life with him only to be hurt always by the man.

At last, she gave him freedom and left but the man suddenly realized his true love was her, not the elder sister.

(Credit: Webnovel)

[Ebook][Audiobook][Manhua in Eng One or Two or Three][Donghua][Cô Vợ Cưới Thay Của Tổng Tài]


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