Concubine Yue 越姬 by 林家成 Lin Jia Cheng (HE)

In Spring-Autumn and Warring States Period, Wei Luo was a princess of Yue State. She was being married to Jin State but while halfway, she encountered a killing by his fiance, Jing Ling. Wei Luo realized that this is actually a great conspiracy. So, she mixed with the fleet of female entertainers and disguised herself as a young guy and concealled her identity. Following the fleet, Wei Luo arrived in the capital of Jin–one of the four powerful countries.

It is a turbulent place. And there was a man whose name is supreme, who can decide ones life. That man was her fiance–Jing Ling. Wei Luo and Jing Ling met many times. Gradually, he was interested in her and loved her. While she gradually forgot his bad deeds because of his fondness. However, when she was prepared to put her whole heart to love Jing Ling, she was exchanged for two cities by the prince of his neighboring country.

Between great career and love, Jing Ling chose the former. He presented Wei Luo to that prince, which caused Wei’s hatred. She decided to master her own fate and influence the struggle of the world with her swordsmanship and wisdom. In that turbulent world, Wei Luo defeated the army of Chu. As ahe was well known in the world, she met Jing Ling again. Jing Ling found out that he was irreplaceable for Wei Luo…Even if she got the world, Wei Luo is lonely. How did Jing Ling who had lost Wei Luo’s trust regain her love that was missed twice?

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[Ebook – 391 Chapters][Audiobook One or Two][Eng Summary][Radiodrama One, Two, Three, Four & Final][Việt Cơ]


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