Exclusive Possession/ You Only Belong to Me 独家占有 by Ding Mo (HE)

Hua Yao, a simple and kind girl on earth, was taken away by Mu Hong, the prince in the outer space and became his fiancée. Hua Yao did not like this young, handsome and might soldier, but Mu Hong, as an Orcs descent was loyal absolutely to love and marriage and he wanted to marry no girls but Hua Yao. They were getting along with each other well gradually in wars and came to understand each other. Hua Yao got to accept Mu Hong gradually. At this time she also knew that Mu Hong took away more than one girl from the earth and he loved her at the first sight when he was young……

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“She was a common girl on earth but was taken away by a terrible Orc in a dark night. Four years later, he came as the Galaxy Commander and took her to his territory forcibly. Since then, she spent every day in panic for fear that he would show the terrible face again and swallow her. However, he changed completely and seemed to have inner peace when looking at her. She put down her guard and fell in love with him gradually. She thought they just met by chance but they were actually long related.”

(Credit: Amazon)

A story that begins on the wrong foot,
of two people who share the best and
worst of growing up as soulmate through time.

[Ebook – 84 Chapters][Audiobook][Độc quyền chiếm hữu][Summary in Eng]


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  1. minaninablog
    minaninablog July 9, 2019 at 10:32 am |

    I just finished this book. I like both this book and 乖宠.

  2. Minanina
    Minanina July 19, 2019 at 11:16 am |

    You can visit my blog to read the summary of this story.

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