Goodbye / Farewell Vivian 告别薇安 by 安妮宝贝 / 庆山 Annie Baobei / Qing Shan

It tells the love story between Chen Anan, an illustrator who goes with the flow, and Lin Yu, the IT elite who’s like a walking “planner”. They are separated for eight years without realizing that they actually remain virtually connected to each other.

Lin Yu’s every move follows a meticulous schedule. Meanwhile, freelance illustrator Chen An’an is free and uninhibited. The two shared happy times after becoming desk mates during their senior year of high school, and they are suddenly reunited eight years later to end up as roommates.

Without each other knowing, they actually met early on in a popular chat room using their pseudonyms. The virtual “Weian” becomes a bridge for them to open their hearts and reveal themselves. What they don’t know is that this wonderful fate started quietly eight years ago. Behind the happy characters of “Weian”, Lin Yu and Chen An’an each bear the shadows of their families as well as their hopes of changing themselves. This romantic and healing love has always been tied to the name “Weian”, but they will eventually say goodbye. Saying goodbye to “Weian” is to say goodbye to yourself and to better embrace each other.




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