Hi, Flower / (Ugly Girl Hai Ru Hua) Hi, 如花 / 如花其实不如花 / 初初遇见你之嗨, 如花 (囧女翻身之嗨如花) by 紫鱼儿 Zi Yu Er

A story revolving around a go-getter sales agent who takes on the burden of paying for her younger brother’s medical bills all while finding love and friendship.

Lu Ruhua is the greatest sales agent at Jiang Cheng University. She comes and goes like the wind and resorts to any means to close a sale. One day, she encounters a wealthy heir named Wen Chu  who immediately clashes with her.

After being forced by his father to return from abroad, Wen Chu harbors a dislike for everything around him and develops a special dislike for Ruhua and her materialistic attitude. However, he comes to realize that she has to be the way that she is in order to survive as she has to scrimp for school and her twin brother’s medical expenses.

Wen Chu warms up to her and eventually falls for her but complications arise when Wen Chu’a family objects to their relationship.

(Credit: ChineseDrama.info)

[Ebook][Drama with Eng Subs][Audiobook]


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