I Am Not The Elite (With Elites) 我不是精英 by 金子 Jin Zi

A story with laughter and tears about a cutesy and optimistic Wei Jing and her romance with Mi Yang who is a policeman with high IQ and high visuals.

Mi Yang and Wei Jing are childhood friends and sweethearts, yet they have been hiding their relationship for some time as Mi Yang’s mother has always looked down on Wei Jing for failing to keep a real job. When both families finally find out the truth, Mi Yang’s mom starts forcing her son to look for a girlfriend with much better qualifications.

In order to defend her relationship, Wei Jing musters the courage to apply for an international firm and actually manages to land an enviable white-collar job. However, Mi Yang who is an outstanding policeman ends up getting demoted for making a mistake while on the job and the change in their dynamic ends up causing problems for the couple.

(Credit: ChineseDrama.info)



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