I Became the Stepmother of My Ex-Husband 我给前夫当继母 by 九月流火 Jiu Yue Liu Huo (HE)

Lin Wei Xi only found out after she died that she was just cannon fodder in a novel, used as contrast against the gentle and virtuous female lead.

The male lead was her ex-husband, the dignified heir of Prince Yan, who was brilliant and had superior family background. But the female lead wasn’t her.

The female lead was her concubine-born sister, her husband’s white moonlight, his cinnabar mole. She had what she wanted but couldn’t have. After the original Lin Wei Xi died, her husband finally married her sister as he’d wished.

She coldly watched as the two basked in their mutual affection in perfect harmony, while everyone used the success of her younger sister to contrast the impropriety of the original wife.

Lin Wei Xi sneered. Okay, since your love is enough to move the Heavens, then this sister of yours will come back and become your stepmother!

So she angrily married her ex-husband’s father, the father-in-law she had never met in her previous life —— the country’s God of War, who hadn’t remarried after losing his wife, who held military power, the brilliant Prince Yan.

Later on, the decisive Prince Yan, who was at the prime of his life, looked at his considerably younger and smaller wife, and had quite a headache.

Never mind, she was still young. He would spoil her, indulge her, and teach her.

(Credit: Moon Jellyfish)

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