If I Can Hear Your Voice (My Supernatural Power) 万物有言 (我有特殊沟通技巧) by 青青绿萝裙 Qing Qing Lu Meng Qun

A story that follows a detective in the major crimes division of Nanxing City Police Department. Together with a woman who has super memory, he upholds the law one case at a time in solving murders, burglaries and bringing down a narcotics manufacturing facility.

Jing Chu is a young and capable detective. Due to his repeated merits from cracking big cases, he is promoted to the position of major crimes division vice captain at Nanxing city and starts to work alongside his new team. Because of a murder case, he meets Yang Mianmian, a young woman who possesses photographic memory. He soon realizes that Mianmian seems to have a deep connections to his father’s mysterious death many years ago.

Meanwhile, a famous blogger and a member of an idol girl group die consecutively. Their cause of death are identified to be due to a medical substance. As the major crimes division launch their investigation, they uncover a dangerous conspiracy that could threaten their own lives.

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  1. alekxaru
    alekxaru May 16, 2021 at 1:37 am |

    Hello everyone! Everything happens with this book slowly – for a long time I could not decide whether to read it (this is a long story of 3 volumes, and I don’t like such long stories, and I don’t like mysticism), then I read it for a long time (for me a month is straight a lot, but I sat down on one paid Taiwanese Internet resource library with a monthly subscription and was distracted). In general, it was a prolonged pleasure. But I have not regretted my acquaintance with this novel.
    The main character Yang Mianmian is a young 17-year-old girl who has lost her parents and survives on her own. She is very beautiful and extremely intelligent, and she also hears the voices of non-living objects. At the same time, she is very lonely, poor and she has no friends among people (objects do not count), because she has poor social skills. She is also a proud and rather tough girl who is used to relying only on herself and protecting herself from the whole world. Also, due to chronic starvation, she has insufficient physical development.
    The protagonist Jing Chu is 10 years older than Yang Mianmian. Jing Chu is a wealthy second generation, but he is not in business. He is a retired military man, now the captain of the criminal police department, head of a special group for solving serious crimes.
    They first met when Jing Chu’s mother, who had been friends with Yang Mianmian’s late mother in her youth, asked her son to find out about the girl’s life and take care of her. It must be said that Jing Chu is not a knight on a white horse. He came to the girl’s home, made minor repairs, offered help, but did not go deeper. And if it were not for the fishery of fate, this could all end.
    But fate, in the person of the author, had its own plans. Yang Mianmian got a job as a waitress in a restaurant where she sometimes meets Jing Chu. A maniac has appeared in the city who rapes and kills women in a red dress on rainy nights. And Yang Mianmian first finds the hairpin of the murdered girl, who asks to return it to the mistress, and after her colleague was killed, she decides to find the killer herself. But she is not experienced, weak and overly arrogant. When she herself tries to stop the murder of the schoolgirl, she scared the maniac away, but the rescued girl wounded Yang Mianmian in the head with a brick. This is the beginning of Yang Mianmian’s struggle with the underworld) As her friend, a young specialist from the FBI, said much later, she has a personality that attracts maniacs. Who knows, with her personality, if it weren’t for Jing Chu, she might have become a criminal genius. In the first book, there will be a few more simple and difficult cases in which the heroes will converge. If we talk about who fell in love for the first time, this is Yang Mianmian. After all, Jing Chu was the first person who took care of her – he paid for the hospital when she was injured, bought her delicious food, warm clothes … But if we talk about who fell deeper into love, this is undoubtedly Jing Chu. They are an ideal couple in which the man is the husband-father, and the woman is the wife-daughter. It should be noted that when they met Jing Chu had a relationship with another girl, but she broke up with him because he was a little cold and casual in his relationship. She probably just wasn’t his Lamb)
    The entire novel is divided into 3 volumes, each of which is a separate stage in life. I cried a lot when I read volume 1. The description of the life of a little girl, alone in a huge cruel world, shocked me. Murderers, maniacs, traffickers and rapists. Particularly touching was the scene in the desert where the heroes nearly died and Jing Chu gave Yang Mianmian his blood to drink in hopes of saving her. The second volume was calm enough, only the stories of the life and love of Jing Chu’s parents were remembered and moved the heart. The third volume is the volume of life and study in the United States. To tell the truth, I hardly read it. I consider myself a pretty tough reader, but the case of the cannibals and then the maniac puppeteer made me sick. I barely finished reading. But the last few pages were very deep in meaning and very emotional. Farewell to old friends whom you will never see again and a sweet wedding …
    I love how Yang Mianmian grows up and grows in the novel. Her demeanor is prickly, aggressive, narcissistic in the beginning, and gradually changes under the care of Jing Chu. A girl who was sure that she knew everything in the world, understands how little she knows and how much she has to learn. A girl who had no friends acquires social skills and will have some good friends. The girl who only cared about herself says in all seriousness that she does not want and cannot live without Jing Chu. The girl who always went ahead, will take care of the life and peace of others, and try not to get into trouble.
    I love the character Jing Chu. It’s very real, not perfect, but real and warm. He is a police officer and fights for good, but he does not have that perfect aura of fearless crime fighter. And he will still have a relationship with a minor girl. He will use his position and personal connections to clean up the mess behind his Lamb, will not be on the rampage, and will protect his Lamb with all his might. He did not immediately decide on a relationship with Yang Mianmian, but when he does, he will not back down for a moment. When there is a choice between Yang Mianmian and his work, he will not hesitate to choose Yang Mianmian. And he will completely take care of her.
    I really like that after the heroes decided to be together, they did not stagger for a moment in their decision, and always remained on the side of each other.
    And I didn’t like the background wei in which Jing Chu and Yang Mianmian met at a different age and under different circumstances.
    Well, the drama is another story)

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