If You Never Came, How Could I Grow Old? (The Most Courageous Thing) 你若不曾来, 叫我如何老 (最勇敢的事) – 苏格兰折耳猫 Su Ge Lan (Scottish) Zhe Er Mao (HE)


If one day, I must leave you, then that would certainly be the most cowardly thing I did in my entire life.

Wen Ran’s father comes from a family of illustrious military accomplishments, but he himself was passionate about archaeology.  However, his clinical depression caused his death in a motor vehicle accident.  Because her mother came from a family of ordinary background, after her father’s death, her mother was banished from the Wen household.  Before Wen Ran met that person in her life, she had always been reluctant to enter into a relationship.  That is, until she met Ye Yizhen and she became one of the students he advised in an experimental project.  Ye Yizhen graduated from an eminent university and was handsome in appearance, charming in his lectures, and well-loved amongst the students.  He used his warmth, gentleness, and acceptance to, one step at a time, lead her into his world.  However, because of his father’s prevention and disapproval, the two of them could not be together.  She also finally realized the true reason behind her own father’s death, which caused her to clearly understand her own feelings.  But at this time, Ye Yizhen suddenly disappeared…

In love, a little bit of courage can perhaps gain a lasting love, but perhaps this step may also be one that leads off a bottomless cliff…

[Ebook] [Chuyện dũng cảm nhất][Audiobook]


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