Lost in Kunlun (Lost in the Kunlun Mountains) 迷航昆仑墟 by 天下霸唱 Tian Xia Ba Chang

During the Republic of China, the gifted and kind-hearted Ding Yunqi who is in the process of investigating the bizarre disappearance of his brother accidentally discovers the secret of the Kunlun Ruins.

While searching for his brother, Ding Yunqi crosses paths with Luo Yunsong, a warlord who profits from smuggling cultural relics and is hellbent on taking the treasures of Kunlun for himself. Ding Yunqi relies on his ingenuity to outsmart his enemies in an attempt to resolve an impending crisis all while experiencing tests of love, friendship and betrayal. He eventually inherits his brother’s will to guard the miracles of the Kunlun Ruins.

(Credit: ChineseDrama.info)



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