Love Given to You by Mistake / The Wrong Love for You (Fall In Love With A Scientist) 把爱错给了你 (当爱情遇上科学家) by 叶落无心 Ye Luo Wu Xin (HE)

Bai Ling Ling is a happy-go-lucky university student whose favourite past time is to chat online with her best online pal ‘How far is forever’. She had never seen ‘How far is forever’ before although they have been chatting online for the past 5 years, all she knew about him were he is a student at MIT, while she is studying in a local university. Both of them study similar subjects and Bai Ling Ling talked to her online pal almost everything about herself including her ‘psycho’ high expectation genius professor, Yang Lan Han, whom truly drive her nuts with research and projects. Bai Ling Ling gradually falls in love with her online pal and was upset as there is a possibility that their online relationship will never blossom.

Yang Lan Han is an intelligent scholar who went to America to study at a tender age of 16 years old and returns as a Professor before he is even 30 years of age. His lectures were always filled with drooling female students as he is incredibly attractive with his model like features and figure. Almost every girls went crazy over him except Bai Ling Ling, however, never will Bai Ling Ling know that her beloved online pal, ‘How far is forever’ and her ‘psycho’ professor, Yang Lan Han is one and the same person and Yang Lan Han knew all along her identity as his online pal!

Alternate Synopsis:
Easily confused female student with Fu Hei male teacher heart-warming love story. Ling Ling said: “Mr Yang, I am in love with you, I long to see you everyday, every minute, every second, I…..fear I might sink deeper without control of myself…..So, please I beg of you, allow me to graduate.”

He looked at her, with a chilly reply: “If you really want to graduate, I can respect your choice, you do not need to always resort to this method.”


He said: “Is it because you cannot tolerate my harsh teaching or was it because of the young and promising supervisor from the Electric company appreciate your talent, and want to hire you with a monthly salary of eight thousand dollars?”

She laughed: “Mr Yang, what must I do to make you believe, or why not I go to your house this evening and spend the night with you?”

He handsome face is reddened with anger, mouth twitching and hands trembling. Seeing how Yang Lan Han, who is always calm all angry because of her, Ling Ling suddenly feels how funny it is, ridiculously funny.

He smile and smile, exhaust the last vestiges of strength in his body, “Alright!”

Ling Ling’s smile froze on her face, she cannot believe the words came from the mouth of noble, Yang Lan Han!

Lies betrayed promises, tears betrayed eyes, my turn back betrayed my heart…..Are they online dating, teacher and student love or crush?



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