Love When the Star Falls 星落凝成糖 by 一度君华 Yi Ye Jun Hua

The story is about a pair of twin princesses in the mortal world.

The elder twin is predicted to save their tribe so was treated extremely well whereas the younger twin is predicted to bring misfortune to the tribe so not treated well at all………

The elder twin is gentle and kind, and is betrothed to the Heaven Tribe’s crown prince as the Heavenly Consort.

The younger twin is clever and cunning, and is betrothed to the Demon King as the Demon Consort.

But on the wedding day, a mistake occurred and the twins married the wrong guys……….  resulting in the unraveling of a plot that shocks the four realms.

[Ebook][Drama][Audiobook][‘Tinh Lạc Ngưng Thành Đường][Eng Translation]


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