My Wingman Is My Baby / My Darling Wingman / Scammer Mommy and Her Wingman Baby / My Babes Are My Wingmen! / My Twins Are My Wingmen / My Cute Baby Is a Wingman (Born to be Together) 我的萌宝是僚机 by 虫虫爱大米 Chong Chong Ai Da Mi

An Jiujiu, a highly skilled hacker, infiltrated an auction event on a mission to steal a gem. However, she didn’t realize she had lost her son!

She brought home a child who looked like him, though perhaps a little adorkable. The incident reunited the enchanting vixen and the dark alpha, Ji Jinchen.

With all her might, An Jiujiu ran away from Ji Jinchen, but he wouldn’t let her go. “Since I can’t run away from him and we already have kids, why don’t we train these kids to be good pups together?”

(Credit: BiliBili Comics)

[Ebook][Drama][Manhua One, Two, Three, Four, Five or Six][쌍둥이 연애조작단][Mon cupidon][子連れママのデキちゃった恋]


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