One Shot Beats All (A Little Love Song) 一网打尽 (我的盖世英雄) by 余沐泽 Yu Muze

A coming-of-age story surrounding young tennis players with big dreams and the tough determination to face the trials ahead.

Li Tao and Zhang Sheng meet by fate and come to support each other because of their love for tennis. Despite facing objections from family, Zhang Sheng resolutely stands by Li Tao. When an injury threatens to end her tennis career, Li Tao becomes a source of strength for Zhang Sheng to continue on and love blossoms amidst between them amidst the repeated setbacks.

Meanwhile, Zhang Sheng’s forever protector Wei Chang and Fu Mengmeng, a girl who likes Wei Chang also chase after their dreams courageously even if it means getting hurt.




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