Peony’s Tavern / Flower Demon’s Inn 芍藥客棧 / 花妖客棧 by 一枚銅錢 Yi Mei Tong Qian (HE)

The flower demon, Shao Zi, understands how to be grateful. She was taken in by the old innkeeper of the tavern, so she must spend the rest of her life guarding the tavern.

But when the new innkeeper took over, the normally peaceful tavern changed. One by one, demons, ghosts, and mortals with unfulfilled wishes came over to wreak havoc.

At first, Shao Zi tried her best to drive away these evildoers, but then she realized that every guest had their own hardships.

The most precious sentiments she’s ever experienced in the world came from these guests. By experiencing their pains along with their joys, she tasted an emotional satisfaction that she has never had in these five hundred years of life.

However, helping others always comes at a price. When she wavered over the notion of extending a helping hand for the sake of protecting the tavern from destruction, someone stood firmly by her side.

“You use your kindness to help others, I’ll use my strength to protect you.”

(Credit: Fruitydeer)

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