Powerful Empress 娘娘威武 by 贡茶 / 一壶好茶 Gong Cha (HE)

The God blessed Emperor said: since vulgar people Wang Qingjun was born on July 7th (lunar calendar) and complies with qualifications of smart women, the Emperor hereby summons you to the palace.

Wang Qingjun was originally planting flowers and plants at home as well as breeding white birds. However, her fate was changed because of the command from the Emperor.

She thought anyway, she was going to enjoy the comfortable life there, then I should sacrifice so as to save thousands of beauties.

However, she never thought that this was a road with no returning back.

She could not get herself adapt to neither other 9 smart women nor officers with positions higher than her or misses from the marshal office.

Wang Qingjun sighed that is this because the world developed so fast or did I forget something.

The Anyang King and prince, who came from nowhere, disturbed her peaceful life;

The empress was irritated: if this can be tolerated, what can not? When will this upset day come to the end?

(Credit: NLB Singapore)



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