Quick, Hubby, All Aboard 夫君快上船 by 东吴 Dong Wu (HE)

Xue Dongting was a singsong girl plucked from her small border town to become the consort of the crown prince. Little did she know she would be murdered by his own hand.

Now reborn, she has a chance for a do-over. This time around, she will marry that fisherman from the next village over and live a quiet, peaceful life, away from the scheming intrigues of the imperial family.

It’s just that, this lowly fisherman is not quite what he seems…

(Credit: The Courtyard Translations)

[Ebook][Eng Translation]


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  1. Crazi Cacti Lady
    Crazi Cacti Lady November 28, 2019 at 5:38 am |

    I enjoyed the premise of this story a lot, but the ending is the worst I’ve ever read. The scenes between husband and wife were cute and enjoyable. It could have been fantastic, but the last chapter alone was just a summary of what should have been written. It seemed the author gave up and decided to write the next thirty or so chapters in one leaving many plot holes and an unsatisfied reader.

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