Rebirth Of A Noble Daughter: The Marquis Manor’s Abandoned Wife 贵女重生:侯府下堂妻 by 夏染雪 Xia Ran Xue

In her previous lifetime, her father fought for the country but was killed; ten thousand arrows pierced him to death. Her elder sister protected her innocence and lost her life.

But she produced and collected all the wealth in the world for him.

Even so, her eldest brother was forced to death, dismembered by five horses and he did not even have an intact corpse.

Her ten fingers were chopped off, her wrists broken, and she was beaten to death.

Her mother said, “My little A Ning, mother hopes that in this life someone will be there to treat you like a treasure, block all the pain for you, cover all the wind and rain for you”.

But her mother would never know that because of her mistakes when she died, the bones of her body were shattered, and poking through her flesh.

(Credit: Snow Pearl Translations)

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