Sleeping with a Wolf 与狼共枕 by 叶落无心 Ye Luo Wu Xin (HE)

Han Qian Wu witnessed the death of her beloved parents and elder brother when she was only seven years old. It was caused by the powerful and young mafia leader, Han Zhou Chen and she will never forget him. Two years later, Han Zhou Chen adopted a vengeful Han Qian Wu from the orphanage she is staying and brings her home to stay with him.

Years past and Han Zhou Chen gradually falls in love with his teenager ‘adopted daughter’ and much as Han Qian Wu do not want to admit, she also begin fallen in love with Han Zhou Chen and is used to having him in her life. Will Han Qian Wu take revenge or fall in love with Han Zhou Chen?

Alternate Synopsis:

Thirteen years ago, he killed my parents and older brother. Ten years ago, he adopted me without knowing my real identity. Four years ago, he fell in love with me and said, “You are mine, you can only think about me!” Two years ago, when I just had a miscarriage, he only said one sentence, “Do not let me see you again.” I was left alone in the hospital.

At this moment, reunited again, he order the waiter to brought a cheque, to ‘buy’ me to accompany him for supper. I understand, he wanted me to remember: He will not have any feelings for me again. But…..but…..I still love him, because he is worth it! At this point, you may think I am stupid, but those reading said to me: Han Qian Wu, you are such a heartless woman, if you miss out such a man, you will regret for a lifetime!

[Ebook –  114 Chapters][Audiobook][Đồng lang cộng chẩm]


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