The Dead Cycle 死循环[女配] by Ban Li Zi (HE)

Yin Yin: The villainess of “Exhausting the Prosperity” . She takes the responsibility of destroying the relationship between the male lead and female lead by using poor means and finally get blackmailed by the male lead.

Lin Xin Er comments: She’s need I.Q

So she was transmigrated.

Du Qianqian : the heroine of ” Exhausting the Prosperity “, a white lotus flower of the Virgin Mary, whose IQ is more worrying than the villainess, finally jumped off the cliff and died under the persecution of the villainess.

Lin Xin Er commented: she deserves it.

So she was reborn

Lin Xin Er: the reader of ” Exhausting the Prosperity “, one of the oldest leftover women in the 21st century. One of her major hobbies in life is cheating around and take it as a business.

So, she transmigrate to “Exhausting the Prosperity” and became Yin Yin.

——Life, perhaps, is just a chess game with exquisite layout. But the players are different.

(Credit: Flying Lines)

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