The Emperor’s Love 王的女人谁敢动 (倾城亦清欢) by 拈花惹笑 Nian Hua Re Xiao

The intense love story of the “God of War” 9th Prince of Beimu whose power extends across the land and a wise female doctor.

Zhan Yufeng is the emperor’s uncle. He is a master of strategy but he does not have long left to live. He is also the leader of the mysterious Tianzunmen sect.

Feng Qinghuan is the daughter of the Feng family. She has to feign madness to protect herself when she is, in fact, a doctor with outstanding medical skills.

Characters with changing identities amidst the conspiracies of the court depict the virtues of family and country.


He imprisoned her, and his warm breath spilled out: “Little brat, you want to escape?” She was forced to lie down and panicked: “I won’t, Ninth Imperial Uncle, I was wrong!” The next day, he didn’t say anything. The famous ninth miss of the Feng family ran away again! The King of War turned red with fury: “Turn the entire imperial city to the ground, but you have to bring her back to this prince !”… He is the God of War of the Northern Mu Kingdom, mysterious and unpredictable, and he has all the power in the world. She was a little brat that accidentally fell into his arms, and since then, she has become the sweetheart he loves and hates…

(Credit: VicoSDL)

[Ebook][Drama][Audiobook One or Two or Three]


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