The Prince Wants to Leave His Concubine / Fei Wo Qing Cheng: The Prince Wants to Retire His Concubine 非我倾城: 王爷要休妃 by 墨舞碧歌 Mo Wu Bi Ge (HE)

There is a poison called twin gu[1].

It has been handed down from a mysterious dynasty long lost in history. Such poison, given to two different people will be connected in life and in death.

This is the center of what happened in the 21st century when Hai Lan, one of the members of an archaeological team, was rescued by his ex-boyfriend Qin Ge who died saving her from harm. In Qin Ge’s mourning hall, Hai Lan learned Qin Ge’s actions when they were still together, until the day he sacrificed his life for her were all because his true love… His beloved woman having the twin heart gu as hers will be harmed if Hai Lan died.

She was deeply hurt not just of his death but of the truth. But she happened to encounter a mysterious woman Lin Lang who told her she can save Qin Ge. For her to do this, she must break the butterfly effect, that is, to prevent the construction of ancient tombs and therefore prevent Qin Ge’s death

Lin Lang gave Hai Lan a god-hidden token, which is said to be owned by Fei Tian, the ancestor of ten thousand Buddhas. This token can help Hai Lan travel to the age of ancient tombs and change history. After so much consideration, she finally decided to cross to the alien continent, defy the heavens[2] for her love, and tread an unforgettable love with Shangguan Jinghong, Qin Ge’s previous incarnation.

The myths and legends thousands of years ago, the great secrets that have been buried for several generations, who can uncover all the mysteries?

[1] Actually, it was called the 子母蛊 (zi mu gu) or the child-mother gu, but I would rather translate it as the twin gu because it flows better than this mother and child thingy.

[2] 逆天 (ni tian) literally means go against the heavens/sky, or fate.

(Credit: Kaye’s Ugly Translations)

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