The Substitute Bride / Du Jia Sheng Chong: Zong Cai De Ti Shen Xin Niang 獨家盛寵: 總裁的替身新娘 by 迷鹿 Mi Lu (HE)

“I’m in desperate need of money to pay Grandmother’s medical fee. I will marry Charles instead of Yvonne as soon as I get the money.”

When her sister Yvonne ran away from the wedding, Autumn was forced to pretend to be Yvonne and marry Charles. Her only wish was to get a divorce after a year.

Charles is rich and powerful. His name had been linked to innumerable ladies. He had different girlfriends for every day of a year. Autumn had never thought that she would fall in love with him.

(Credit: Mobo Reader)

[Ebook][3D][Audiobook][Eng Translation]


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