Time-travel–The First Husband 穿越之第一夫君 by Shu Ke

Words go around all corners of the country: “There is no need to find reasons, big and small cases can be finally solved”, it is where the story begins.

Modern girl Yang Nian fell into water and accidentally traveled to a dynasty similar to Song Dynasty, but involved in a serial killing cases. She together with four people began to solve the case.

With deepening of the investigation, love/hate of Bai Biyue and double Bai swordmen, love tragedy of Madam Leng, secret of the couple Tan Jinfeng and truth of extermination of Tao Family emerged from the water, while emotion entanglement of the heroine, the hero and the male supporting role ended.

When cruel truth was uncovered, friendship of four good friends remained the same, just beautiful as old times.

The novel is a sentimental novel, but it is not about sentiment of the author, but love and friendship. There is no bad person in the real sense in the novel, and a group of good people can also have a story of love and hatred entanglement.

(Credit: NLB Singapore)



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