Transmigrating into the Female Supporting Character with a Good Life in a Laid-Back Novel 穿成佛系文好命女配 by 九月微蓝 Jiu Yue Wei Lan (HE)

Ruan Xi was reading a novel with a laid-back female protagonist at her own leisure. When she woke up again, she had transmigrated into the book and became the female supporting character with a good life, Ruan Xi, of whom the female protagonist envied.

In the story, the character Ruan Xi was the replacement for the engagement that had fallen through because her transmigrated, legitimate older sister had abandoned her fiance from a rich family. Later, Ruan Xi was pampered to the heavens by her husband, and became the winner in life as an imperially mandated first-rank wife to an official.

Ruan Xi, who had transmigrated over, watched as her transmigrated legitimate older sister prepared for that marriage happily. Similarly, her legitimate mother had also decided on another marriage agreement for her.

Ruan Xi: “……”

(Credit: Yuulations)

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