Way Back Into Love 拾光里的我们 by 随侯珠 Sui Hou Zhu (HE)

A mutual crush that was never revealed gets a second chance when two people are reunited after seven years to draw a perfect conclusion to the regrets from their youth.

When they were in high school, Lu Jia had a crush on Xu Jiaxiu who excelled in academics and had good character. However, they went their separate ways after graduation and lost contact. After working for many years, Lu Jia finally returns to her hometown of Dongzhou. She joins a company only to realize that the founder is none other than Xu Jiaxiu and that they have become neighbors.

Lu Jia thought that things would be different now that she has moved on but their daily interactions stirs up feelings of romance once again. Ye Angyang who has had a crush on Lu Jia since high school also joins the same company and he starts to pursue her. The reappearance of Xu Jiaxiu’s ‘first love’ also causes for the couple. What’s more, a former suitor who was once rejected by Lu Jia approaches her using work as an excuse.

(Credit: Chinese.Drama.info)



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