A Concubine’s Daughter and Her Tactics (Jin Xin Si Yu) 庶女攻略 (锦心似玉) by 吱吱 Zhi Zhi (HE)

In the Ming Dynasty, the distinguished Luo family suffers a downfall and wanted to solve the crisis through a marriage arrangement. The intelligent and introverted Yiniang (secondary spouse) Shi was chosen, and she rose from a lowly concubine’s child to become the much-coveted madame of the Yong Ping Duke Manor.

Facing the complicated web of the relationship as well as the distrust of her own family, Yiniang Shi uses her kindness and purity to win the Xu family’s trust and respect; while her love and tolerance eventually won the respect of the people who used to look down on her.

Yiniang Shi also uses her intelligence and wits to help her husband Xu Lingyi to put forward plans and ideas, saving the Yong Ping Duke Manor from peril situations; and also improving the lives of the people. When the country faced invasion from external forces, Yiniang Shi and Xu Ling Yi work together to lead the army, emerging victorious in their battles. Their relationship also deepens in the process.

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