Movie Adaptation

Movies Adapted from Novels (All with English Subtitles Unless Otherwise Stated)

77 Heartwarmings by Erica Li

A Choo by Giddens Ko

All These Years by Ba Yue Chang An

An Elephant Sitting Still by Hu Bo

A Perfect Day for Arsenide by Pizza

Assassin in Red by Shuang Xuetao

August Never Ends / Endless Summer by Annie Baobei

A Zebra-Riding Boy by Su Tong

Begin Again by Ding Ding Zhang

Better Days by Jiu Yue Xi

Blue Amber by Xu Yi Gua

Born in Limbo by Xiao Xu

Brotherhood of Blades by Lan Se Shi

City of the Birds

Ci Wei by Zheng Zhi

Death Notice by Zhou Haohui

Dream Breaker by Xi Ge

Dungeon Notes: The Five Hundred Dragon Heads by

Enormous Legendary Fish by y Pu Songling

Fire on the Plain by Shuang Xue Tao

Five Sisters, How To Train Our Dragon by Ya Ming and Mi Zi Shao

Fleet of Time by Jiu Ye Hui

Fox Fairy Teases Childe by Pu Song Ling

Ghost Blows Out the Light (The Ghouls, Demon’s 9th Towerby Zhang Muye

Hidden Man by Zhang Bei Hai

Hua Xu Yin (Novoland: The Dream Spinner) by Tang Qi Gong Zi

I Love You by Wang Shuo

Immortal of Mr. Gong by Pu Song Ling

Jade Dynasty by Xiao Ding

Journey to the North by Yu Xiangdou

Just for Meeting You by Haochen Zhang

Kongfu Master Su by Su Can

Left Ear by Sharon Rao Xue Man

Legend of Snake by

Lich Hand to Destroy Flowers by Pu Song Ling

Looking for Rohmer by Wang Chao

LORD by Guo Jing Ming

Love is Not Blind by Bao Jing Jing

Love Song 1980 by Yu Xiao Dan

Love Story in London by Lü Yi Ge

Love the Way You Are by Po Po

Love Will Tear Us Apart by Li Haibo

Love You Forever by Zheng Zhi

Martial Universe by Tian Can Tu Dou

Mermaid Bound by Pu Song Ling

Mojin: Kunlun Shrine by Zhang Mu Ye

Mojin: The Worm Valley by Tian Xia Ba Chang

My Best Summer by Ba Yue Chang An

My Blue Summer by Ba Yue Chang An

My Heroic Husband by Angry Banana

Not One Less by by Shi Xiangsheng

Once Upon a Time by Tang Qi Gong Zi

One Smile Is Very Alluring by Gu Man

Passage of My Youth by Lv Yi Ge

Please Enlighten Me by Bo Lin Shi Jiang

Saturday Fiction by Hong Ying

Schemes in Antiques by Ma Boyong

Secret Fruit by Rao Xue Man

Song of the Assassins by Yuan Tai Ji

Soul Hunter by Jiu Ke Shu Sheng

Soulmate by An Ni Bao Bei

So Young by Xin Yi Wu

So Young 2: So You’re Still Here by Xin Yi Wu

Suffering of Love by Tang Que

Summer’s Desire by Ming Xiao Xi

Sweet Sixteen by Zi Yue

Ten Years of Loving You by Shu Hai Cang Sheng

The Beauty Skin by Pu Song Ling

The End of Endless Love by Luo Luo

The Eye of the Dragon Princess by Pu Song Ling

The Great Detective by Cheng Xiao Qing

The Kiss Addict by Nalan Miao Shu

The Mystery Palace by Su Qiao

The Perilous by Ma Bo Yong

The Soul by Jiang Bo

The Stolen Years by Ba Yue Chang An

The Story of Qiu Ju by Chen Yuan Bin

The Story of Xi Bao by Yi Shu

The Ten Deadly Sins by Zhi Zhu

The Third Way of Love by Zi You Xing Zhou

The Three-Body Problem by Liu Cixin

The Unbeatable by Priest

The Untamed: The Living Dead by  Mo Xiang Tong Xiu

The Wandering Earth by Liu Cixin

This Is Not What I Expected by Lan Bai Se

Till The End Of The World by Wu You Yin

Time to Love by Tong Hua

Tiny Times 1.0 by Guo Jing Ming

Tiny Times 2.0 by Guo Jing Ming

To Be With You by Rui Sun

Vulcan Legend of Jiu He by Tian Xia Ba

White Haired Devil Lady by Liang Yu Sheng

Whisper of Silent Body by Qin Ming

You Are My Sunshine by Gu Man

You are the Apple of My Eye by Giddens Ko