Modern Chinese Romance Short Stories


100 Reasons to Kill My Husband by Wednesday

A 3 Step Guide to Destroy a Triad Boss (Translation 1) (Translation 2)

A Friend Who I Loved for a Long Time by Zhī Jiǔ

After My Boyfriend Cheated on Me by Yòuzi duōròu

Afternoon Lavender by Ming Xiao Xi (deleted blog)

Ah Lang the Fox by Pō xī mǐ

A Love Sparked by a Pair of Underwear by Mówáng sāng sāng

Attraction by Sight by Jiu Xiao Qi

Being Loved Exclusively by You by Qian Cao

Be Responsible, Flowers Are Blooming by Jiu Xiao Qi

Checkmate Your Heart by Celine Gu Xi Jue

Childhood Sweethearts by The Wolf That Drinks Soymilk

Cloudside Café by Zoody

Diary from the Future by Hui He

Existence by Qi Bao Su

Falling Leaves Without Trace by Jian An

Forever Love by Mi Bao

Goodnight, Miss Rose by Zoody

I’m So Weak by Di Ci

I Hate Everything About You by Ci Hua

I Just Think You’re Valuable by Cheng Nan Hua Kai

I Only Took A Peek at Him by Eda

I Want to See The Sea That Has You by Anonymous

Li’l Chubs by Jiu Xiao Qi

Love by Soup by Shui Fu Shen Qing

Love in Disguise by Huang Quan Er San

Love Ignites A Prairie Fire by Mu Jīn An

Lovely Belle by Er Feng

Mr. Chen & Mrs Cheng by Jiu Lu Fei Xiang

Mum, I Used to Hate You by Zi Xinyu

Music Playlist by Qi Bao Su

Not Far Not Close by Sharon Rao Xue Man

One Night, One Day, One Year, One Lifetime by Fu Sulu

Online Game: Willingly Captured by Bei Qing

Pendant by Zombie Sister

Physical Contact by An Qi (deleted blog)

Puppy Only Has One Summer by Chūn Yǔ Yuān

Rebirth of the Pampered Wife’s Daily Life by Chéng Nán Huā Kāi

Romance is in the Air Short Story Collection by Hong Jiu

Shanghai Jiamu by Lǐxiǎng guó de lǐxiǎng guó

Simulcasting Love by Shui Fu Shen Qing

Sink by Li Zi

Strawberry Flavor—Irresistible Love by Shù méi

Su Wan’s Secret Love by Jiu Lu Fei Xiang

Ten Years are not Far Apart by Jiu Lu Fei Xiang

The Boss Wants to be Coaxed by A Bowl Of Strawberries

The Case of the 27 Knife Stabs by Ming Yue Ting Feng

The CEO’s Pregnant Wife by Qian Cao

The Charming Villain Just Wants To Be A Salted Fish by Yàn Shū

The Number “Six” by Shí Qīng Yǎo

The Rabbit is Over Here by Sweetie Pie

The Time Has Come by Tiānshí yǐ dào

The Twentieth Year After My Death by Suì jiàn

Three Short Stories by Ding Mo

Turning Back Time by Fei Bao

Undesirable Marriage by Li Keqiang

Until You Come by Wu Yu Dou

Untypical Divorce by Li Keqiang

When I Met You by Shui Fu Shen Qing

With You for Thirteen Years by Dàn Wèi Fēng

Young Lady, You Have Peach Blossoms in April by Qi Bao Su

You Owe Me Your Draft by Li Mu Cuo

Vietnamese Source

Gamble on Love by Big Grey Wolf With Wings

Machine Translated and Edited

Black-Bellied Dad by Yin Su

Closer Little Spy by Luo Qi (deleted blog)

Fate by Ming Yue Ting Feng

I’m Leaving by Wen Jue

It’s Purely an Accident to Love Again by Yuan Yuan

Love Me Again by Yuan Yuan

Loving You Is Too Difficult by Sugar

Peach Passion by Angel (deleted blog)

Same House But Not Same Bed by Sugar

Uncle Ma Is a Good Man by Mei Yuexue

Who Said I Like You by Yuan Yuan



Don’t Move, I’ll Be Right There! by Liu Haohu

Endless Love by Shi Jiu

The Love Affair Beside the Window by Gui Yun

Machine Translated and Edited

Fortunately, I Do Not by Candy (deleted blog)