Modern Donghua Adaptation

Modern Donghua Adapted from Novels

36 Stratagems of Love or My Husband: Come on, Honey! / Come to Fight, My Future Hubby by Bei Ni Er

A Chance to Cherish / Well-Intended Love by Chun Feng Yi Du

A Favorite Marriage is Coming / A Marriage for Sale by Dou Bao Gu

Always Have, Always Will / Addictive Marriage by Hai Tang Shuang Xue Xie

An Exorbitant Wife / President’s Wife Don’t Run Away by Bai Cha

Being a Substitute for President’s Bride / The Substitute Bride / The CEO’s Replacement Bride by Te Gong Kuang Fei

Best Wedding / Grandest Wedding by Wen Xiao Yao

Bringing the Nation’s Husband Home by Ye Fei Ye

CEO Above, Me Below / Bossy President / Zongcai Zai Shang Wo Zai Xia by Jiang Xiao Ya

CEO and the Apple of His Eye / President’s Priceless Wife / Inconceivable Reunion, Invaluable You / The President’s Lovely Darling by Wo Shi Mu Mu

CEO’s Sudden Proposal/ Flash Marriage Deep Love by Qin He

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife by Shi Liu Xiao Jie (3D Animation)

Concubine of Wealth by Bing Shan

Conspiracy of Love / Immersed in Love / Love Addiction by Ke Chun

Destined to Love You / Troublesome Mr. Demon by Bing Bing Bing Xue

Enchanted / Tong Wan by Tong Jia Dong Zhu

Fall for You, Dote on You / Pampered Mr. Lu’s Wife and Fateful Meeting / Addicted to My Sweetheart by Qing Han

Fall in Love With My Trouble / Trouble with the President by Ta Ba Rui Rui

Favour / Spoil You Forever by Zi Yue Jun

Flash Marriage / Romance of Flash Wedding / In A Heartbeat by Luo Xin Chen

Free Me Now, Cold Boss by Nan Dòu Mao Mao

Good Morning, Mrs. Fu by Wo Shi Ying Xing

Hasty Marriage Contract With the Heir / The Wife Contract Ran Away of CEO/ Flash Marriage: President’s Contract Wife / The CEO’s Pregnant Wife by Nian Hua Fu Liu

Her Smile So Sweet by Xiu Yin

Honey, Don’t Run Away by Shu Ya Ya

Love After Marriage / Marry to Find Love by Dong Mian

Marry Me Again, Honey by Tang Quan Er

Marshal is Jealous Everyday by Ba Xun

My Demon Tyrant and Sweet Baby / Babysitting for an Attractive Man / The Wife Contract and My Daughter’s Nanny by A Ling

Naughty Sweetheart / My Wife is Cute by Pi Sen Sen

Paper Pet Marriage Mysterious Husband / An Arranged Marriage: Do Not Mess With Mysterious Husband / Love from Paper  by Shui Chu Xin

Please Don’t Stop / My Wife is a Bit Cold / My Wife is Cold-Hearted by Di Sheng You Yang

President Lucifer, Please Don’t Love Me by Wei Ai Yang Guang

President’s Shy Kiss / Embarassed To Be Kissed By The President by Wo Shi Mu Mu

Prince’s Private Baby or Sweetheart / Master’s Secret Baby by Yun Duo

Revenge Master’s Sweetheart / Childe and Sweet Wife by Luo Xin Chen

Sweet Wife, Xia Xiao Xing by Luan Wu

The Agreement between the CEO and His Ex / Emp’s Contracted Ex by Chang An Hu Ji

The Heiress VS Young Ruffian / Spicy Girl VS Malicious Young Ruffian by Zi Yue Jun

The Heir is Here: Quiet Down, School Prince by An Xiang Nuan

The King’s Avatar by Butterfly Blue

The Secret of Love by  Yun Zai, Cao Mu Qing

Tow in One / The Demonic CEO in My Bed / Head Upon A Devil by Qiu Ru Shui

Vengeful Girl With Her CEO by Mei Jiao

Xiao Bai’s Mr Perfect Daddy by Hu Die Tang Shuang

You Are My Best Love / A Hidden Love Marriage by Dong Po Jie Jie

Your Turn to Chase After Me by Qi Yue Ling Ran