The Memory Lost In Space 散落星河的记忆 by Tong Hua (BE)

The Memory Lost In Space is one of Tong Hua’s most ambitious offerings yet and almost certainly her longest. It is a tetralogy set in a future where genetic modification is readily available and it explores the explosive conflict between the mutants and humans.

I – Searching for a steadfast love in a world where your genes decide your fate.
Nothing can escape the clutches of time. Death and deterioration is but an eventuality. Only memory is not bound by the shackles of time. In fact some memories become clearer steeped in time. The beautiful, the ugly, all the has-beens. Each event seemingly small and insignificant but their flashes of brilliance can even outdazzle the night’s sky.

II – If we cannot grow old together, then let death consume us both
An existence that should be denied, he thought he would be alone forever for a soul born in darkness was destined to be swallowed up by darkness. Happiness can only be a mirage. Yet he cannot control his feelings that are overflowing because he has found someone willing to stand with him against all odds.

III – Because their paths had crossed, because she had loved him so passionately, he may have his regrets but he’d die contented.

One existence was built on another person’s genetic makeup. The other lived a fabricated lie. Just like a whisper in the wind, they had no past and no future. They only have the present. They only have each other.

IV – It is the dawning of a new hope, yet also the descent of despair. We are hurtling towards our end, be it heaven or hades that await us.

Will your pursuit only end with the withering of the final rose? Will you discover that you’ve missed all of its radiant beauty only when it is gone? Will you only stop grumbling about the cold when the last snowflake has fallen? Will you regret failing to appreciate the here and now?



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  1. Mochi Lover
    Mochi Lover August 14, 2019 at 5:02 pm |

    Can anyone reveal the ending?

  2. Mochi Lover
    Mochi Lover July 5, 2020 at 8:40 am |

    Ok well last summer I took the leap and read the first two volumes and a little bit of the third, so here’s a summary, though I forgot a lot of the details.

    Setting is the far future; humans have colonized space. There is ongoing conflict between Alikata (nation of pureblood humans) and the Odin Federation (nation of mutants). Mutants are physically superior, but there’s a huge risk of an abrupt mutation into a deadly, feral beast.
    Story starts out a bit cliche, with FL wandering in a desert with no idea where or who she is. Alikata captures her, as apparently, she was trespassing. A man named Dr. Mu proposes a deal: she can avoid persecution if she agrees to be given in marriage to a duke of the Odin Federation in the place of the real princess of Alikata, Luo Lan. Naturally, she agrees, and assumes the identity of Luo Lan. She arrives there, and is coldly received. She ends up marrying the cold Chen Sha, one of the seven dukes and the head army commander. Their wedding is a debacle, because it’s clear he doesn’t give a crap about her. Completely alone and fearing the exposure of her identity, LL randomly meets a man (I’m totally blanking on the name, I think it’s Qian Xu?) and befriends him. She doesn’t tell QX she’s LL, and on the spot comes up with the name “Luo Xun.” She decides this is her real (secret) name and that “Luo Lan” is merely a facade.
    Years pass, and LL settles in, making friends with some of the dukes and becoming a genetics researcher. Under QX’s tutelage, she gradually improves her physical strength and capabilities. She also falls in love with QX, and builds rapport with Chen Sha, who is slowly (SLOWLY) falling in love with her (I swear CS is the biggest rock). Through the years, she wonders who she truly was before she lost her memories.
    Some stuff happens, and she and QX resolve to run away. QX mutates and is killed; LL is devastated. Some more stuff happens, and Dr. Mu, who is truly Ye Zhi Jie, the prince of Alikata (brother of the true LL), arrives in Odin. He doesn’t immediately expose LL, though he tries to restore her memories. Meanwhile, LL realizes that QX was Yin Nan Zhao, the masked ruler of Odin all along, and he faked his death as QX. YNZ prevents YZJ’s attempts at restoring LL’s memories.
    Eventually, YZJ exposes LL as a fake. She’s taken in for questioning and tortured, though she’s rescued by YNZ. She’s pardoned and granted permanent residency at Odin, and fully drops the name of Luo Lan and lives as Luo Xun. She once again falls in love with YNZ and they eventually become lovers. Chen Sha finally realizes his feelings for her but it’s too late; she loves YNZ. Luo Xun learns that her previous identity was “Long Xin” (an alias), one of the key players in the anti-mutant terrorist groups, which YZJ is also a part of. A traitor begins to act in Odin, triggering first Feng Lin (a duke and LX’s best friend) and then Chen Sha’s mutation. This results in an all out war between the purebloods and the mutants.
    This is the end of Volume II, though I caught a bit from skimming bits of the next two volumes.
    Early in Vol. III, YNZ dies protecting LX, though not before restoring her memories. Turns out she IS the real Luo Lan, who colluded with YZJ to wipe her own memories and infiltrate the Odin Federation. She hates mutants (particularly YNZ) because they were responsible for the death of her family. Luo Lan completely takes over the Luo Xun persona.
    Some more stuff happens. I’m not sure of the details, though by the end, the LL and LX personas have made peace, and LL only wants peace between purebloods and mutants. Somewhere along the way she restores Chen Sha from his mutation and falls in love with him, though he ultimately abandons her for Odin. Unbeknownst to him, she bears his twins, a girl and a boy.
    The ending: LL’s young son meets Chen Sha. CS is shocked, and realizes LL always loved him. Too late, LL is killed by a mutated beast (one of the first dukes of Odin, who hates her). CS and their son can only watch her death on broadcast. CS is left in eternal regret. He agrees to the merging of Alikata and Odin, and their daughter becomes supreme ruler.
    The epilogue made me cry a bit. It happens two hundred or so years after LL’s death. CS is an old, dying man. He devoted himself tirelessly to his children, working to make LL’s dream of peace a reality. Sensing his end, his children tell him he can finally rest. They recreate his and LL’s wedding (LL appears as a hologram). CS dies reaching out to LL, allowing him to rectify his eternal regret.
    Darn. Now I want to finish what I started and finish Vol. III and IV. If I do, I’ll come back and update this summary.

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