Modern Donghua Adaptation

Modern Donghua Adapted from Novels

36 Stratagems of Love or My Husband: Come on, Honey! / Come to Fight, My Future Hubby by Bei Ni Er

A Chance to Cherish / Well-Intended Love by Chun Feng Yi Du

A Favorite Marriage is Coming / A Marriage for Sale by Dou Bao Gu

Always Have, Always Will / Addictive Marriage by Hai Tang Shuang Xue Xie

An Exorbitant Wife / President’s Wife Don’t Run Away by Bai Cha

Being a Substitute for President’s Bride / The Substitute Bride / The CEO’s Replacement Bride by Te Gong Kuang Fei

Best Wedding / Grandest Wedding by Wen Xiao Yao

Bringing the Nation’s Husband Home by Ye Fei Ye

CEO Above, Me Below / Bossy President / Zongcai Zai Shang Wo Zai Xia by Jiang Xiao Ya

CEO and the Apple of His Eye / President’s Priceless Wife / Inconceivable Reunion, Invaluable You / The President’s Lovely Darling by Wo Shi Mu Mu

CEO’s Sudden Proposal/ Flash Marriage Deep Love by Qin He

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife by Shi Liu Xiao Jie (3D Animation)

Concubine of Wealth by Bing Shan

Conspiracy of Love / Immersed in Love / Love Addiction by Ke Chun

Destined to Love You / Troublesome Mr. Demon by Bing Bing Bing Xue

Enchanted / Tong Wan by Tong Jia Dong Zhu

Fall for You, Dote on You / Pampered Mr. Lu’s Wife and Fateful Meeting / Addicted to My Sweetheart by Qing Han

Fall in Love With My Trouble / Trouble with the President by Ta Ba Rui Rui

Favour / Spoil You Forever by Zi Yue Jun

Flash Marriage / Romance of Flash Wedding / In A Heartbeat by Luo Xin Chen

Free Me Now, Cold Boss by Nan Dòu Mao Mao

Good Morning, Mrs. Fu by Wo Shi Ying Xing

Hasty Marriage Contract With the Heir / The Wife Contract Ran Away of CEO/ Flash Marriage: President’s Contract Wife / The CEO’s Pregnant Wife by Nian Hua Fu Liu

Her Smile So Sweet by Xiu Yin

Honey, Don’t Run Away by Shu Ya Ya

Marry Me Again, Honey by Tang Quan Er

My Demon Tyrant and Sweet Baby / Babysitting for an Attractive Man / The Wife Contract and My Daughter’s Nanny by A Ling

Naughty Sweetheart / My Wife is Cute by Pi Sen Sen

Paper Pet Marriage Mysterious Husband / An Arranged Marriage: Do Not Mess With Mysterious Husband / Love from Paper  by Shui Chu Xin

Please Don’t Stop / My Wife is a Bit Cold / My Wife is Cold-Hearted by Di Sheng You Yang

President’s Shy Kiss / Embarassed To Be Kissed By The President by Wo Shi Mu Mu

Prince’s Private Baby or Sweetheart / Master’s Secret Baby by Yun Duo

Revenge Master’s Sweetheart / Childe and Sweet Wife by Luo Xin Chen

Sweet Wife, Xia Xiao Xing by Luan Wu

The Agreement between the CEO and His Ex / Emp’s Contracted Ex by Chang An Hu Ji

The Heiress VS Young Ruffian / Spicy Girl VS Malicious Young Ruffian by Zi Yue Jun

The Heir is Here: Quiet Down, School Prince by An Xiang Nuan

The King’s Avatar by Butterfly Blue

Tow in One / The Demonic CEO in My Bed / Head Upon A Devil by Qiu Ru Shui

Vengeful Girl With Her CEO by Mei Jiao

Xiao Bai’s Mr Perfect Daddy by Hu Die Tang Shuang

You Are My Best Love / A Hidden Love Marriage by Dong Po Jie Jie

Your Turn to Chase After Me by Qi Yue Ling Ran