A Star Reborn: The Queen’s Return/ The Queen is Back/ Chong Sheng Yu Le Quan: Tian Hou Gui Lai 重生娱乐圈: 天后归来 by 夏婉瑛 Xia Wan Ying

She died in her prime as the Queen of Song.

After being reincarnated, she becomes a simple trainee.

Losing her former glory? It doesn’t matter—no one can compete with her voice as a beautiful singer.

Mocked by her lowly birth? It doesn’t matter—her true identity is enough to make the whole world tremble.

She owes huge debts? It doesn’t matter…

A powerful boss once whispered to her, “Your debt will disappear if you become my woman.”

But the proud her would reply, “I’m sorry. I would sell my art, but not myself.”

(Credit: Webnovel)

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