Cinderella’s Dream: Together Forever 佳期如梦之今生今世 by Fei Wo Si Cun

Ye Shou Shou is a simple and endearing girl who dream of leading a happy life together with her beloved first love. But her dreams were shattered when her boyfriend break off with her without valid reason.

Ji Nan Fang is doting brother friend of Ye Shou Shou, who is a well known player. Just when Ye Shou Shou is at her most depress moment, Ji Nan Fang enters her life and offer her marriage after a drunken one night stand together.

In a fit of anger, Ye Shou Shou agrees to marry him much to Ji Nan Fang’s delight. Just as Ji Nan Fang try ways and means to get Ye Shou Shou to accept him as her husband, Ye Shou Shou’s ex-boyfriend make a come back for her..who will Ye Shou Shou choose at the end of the day?

[Ebook][Audiobook][Drama][Eng Translation]

Comment: I am quite touched with Ji Nan Fang’s love for Ye Shou Shou while reading the novel. However, feel that the approach he uses can be better and also if only Ye Shou Shou is not as stubborn. For those reading paperback, this novel actually comes with a sequel and it has an open ending. Therefore do remember to check out the epilogue online.


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