Flight to You 云过天空你过心 (向风而行) by 沐清雨 Mu Qing Yu

Book Synopsis
Gu Nan Ting is the pilot and captain of an airplane. Because of a misunderstanding, his beloved Cheng Xiao married someone else, and Gu Nan Ting was filled with regret. During a flight, he was injured and fell unconscious. He woke up to the year he met Cheng Xiao.

Determined to seize this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, he became a flight instructor to help Cheng Xiao fulfill her dream of being a pilot. By dealing with emergency situations during flights, Cheng Xiao began to mature and become a more responsible pilot. With the help of Gu Nan Ting, Cheng Xiao finally passed her flight assessment and became a female captain.

At the same time, Gu Nan Ting’s sincere care and protection finally opened up Cheng Xiao’s heart, and the two finally shared their love.

Drama Synopsis
Story revolves around the lives of the flight crew of Luzhou Airlines and the various situations they have to deal with in their daily careers.

Aspiring pilot Cheng Xiao has to learn to get along with her extremely strict instructor Gu Nan Ting while also navigating a male dominated field where women aren’t that highly looked upon. Relying on her skills, strength, and ingenuity she makes friends and adapts quickly to her surroundings.

As they work together in both life-altering situations and various emergencies, Gu Nan Ting begins to not only trust Cheng Xiao but also develop feelings for her as she does for him.

Can their high-stress job and ghosts from his past let fate finally guide them towards each other and a successful future?

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