Give You My Heart 喂, 给你我的小心心 by 子非鱼 Zi Fei Yu

A little known web novelist named Su Meng finds that the villain from her story has come to life. As he begins to pursue the heroine, he also becomes attracted to Su Meng’s lovely soul.

Su Meng has poured all her feelings from her one-sided crush into a web novel. She also created a villain out of the domineering CEO Mu Sichen in order to push the romance between the main characters. One day, Mu Sichen suddenly appears in her house. He encounters a girl named Xu Zhi’en who looks just like the heroine from the novel.

Unfortunately for Su Meng who now has to deal with Mu Sichen, she is now suffering the consequences of her own creation. Things turn hilarious as the three experience a journey of love, family and friendship.


18-years-old writer Su Meng has written her first romance novel ‘Give You My Heart’. In the novel, she created a villain named Mu Si Chen who is smart and cunning. One day, Mu Si Chen comes to her house and forces her to let him live with her. Mu Si Chen’s arrival makes Su Meng’s life miserable and changes everything in her life. Despite the many things that happened, Mu Si Chen is gradually moved by Su Meng’s warm spirit unexpectedly falling in love with her without realizing it.

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