I Want To Live In Your Heart 我想住在你心上 / 谁动了我的听诊器 by 凝陇 Ning Long (HE)

On the first day of Shu Qin’s medical residency, she met the “chief resident” Yu Ming.

Upon learning that Shu Qin is his junior training under his mentor, he was extremely disdainful, “Train her? Whoever is willing to train her can go ahead and do so, I don’t have so much spare time on my hands.”

Unfortunately, the Medical Director in charge of his department had already issued instructions. As such, Doctor Yu was left with little choice but to train Shu Qin personally – only for his face to transform from an expression of unhappiness to an expression of secret glee within a single month.

At the expiry of the month, it was Shu Qin’s turn to vent her unhappiness, “To think that this person staunchly refused to train me at the start; and now, no matter how much effort I vest into turning him away, he stubbornly refuses to leave?”


She was born with an optimistic and easygoing attitude, and was the rising star of the Department of Anaesthesiology.

As she walked towards him in the moonlight, his reclusive and enlightened heart finally stirred.

Their meeting was a miracle that had been predestined from the start.

With a heart full of pure sincerity, she gradually became his lifelong object of faith.

“I love you too. No matter what happens to you, I’ll always love you.”

To her, he was the single, brightest star amidst the sea of dazzling stars. Like a shooting star, he streaked across the wide expanse of the sky, leaving a blinding dazzle in her eyes.

She wanted to stand right next to him, side by side at the peak of the mountain top.


Some people are like unrefined jade, that had to be carefully polished and sculpted before they are able to shine, while others were like falcons and eagles, which had to be patiently trained and cultivated before they are able to soar in the skies. As for him, he was born a sword – the moment he was unsheathed, he would be able to strike down all obstacles that stood in his way.

With his unhurried manner, he was the most brilliant talent of recent years in the Department of Anaesthesiology.

Stumbling and floundering, he traveled on a harsh, solitary road for twelve years, just so he could be granted redemption.

And at long last, his patience endured, and that one, special person finally appeared before him – that one, special person who would become his greatest pride and joy in this lifetime.

“I want to tell you, that for the rest of my life, I want to live with you and support you till we’re white and grey. No matter how many obstacles and storms come our way, let’s promise never to abandon, or ditch each other halfway.”

The manner in which she gazed at him, was the most beautiful form of love he had ever seen.



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