JQ Burning Years/Those JQ Days J情燃烧的岁月/那些JQ的日子 – 云吉锦绣 Yun Ji Jin Xiu (HE)


This is a story about the peach blossom trap, so whether to read or not is up to you!

In the novel, there is ambiguity everywhere!

In the novel, there is burning adulterous affairs!

In the novel, there is belly black, small white and also JQ!

It is capable of making your blood vessels spout, blush, heart beats and burning with anger!

The so-called youthfulness is finite, the intrepid is invincible and adultery is guileless!

Come on, let’s take liberties a little more strongly! !

Note: Chinese Bad Words 😛
JQ (奸情 – jian qing) = adulterous affair
BT (biantai) = pervert
belly black (fu hei) = outwardly kind but inwardly evil

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  1. Bongsd
    Bongsd September 30, 2014 at 9:25 am |

    The main girl owes her brother money. He said he will clear all her debt if she can do something for him. He works in the police and suspects a hospital of using illegal medicines. The mission is : she must to work there as an undercover, get close to a doctor (main guy) and collect evidence.

    She met the main guy before in a blind date, she misunderstood him as her blind date…. The first day at work she caused a lot of stories at the hospital.

    One day, the leads bumped into each other, she made his clothes all dirty. He told her that his tie has diamond on it and the diamond is lost. She must pay him, but since she didn’t have money…there is a solution…to be his maid. For that she must to live with him because he wanted her at his disposal.

    The beginning is good, but it’s draggy around the end and the girl is more and more stupid. The book is quite BT but only 1 or 2 H scenes and the author cut all the explicit parts. But still, very funny to read.

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